Friday, October 31, 2014


In honor of THE LAST CHANGELING's approaching launch (November 8th!!!!), and the wonderful Halloween season, I'm hosting a giveaway, complete with a signed copy of THE LAST CHANGELING, Dark Faerie and Bright Faerie masks, buttons, bookmarks, and stickers!!! 

The Grand Prize Winner will take home their choice of the Dark Faerie Prize pack, complete with Dark Faerie mask, Dark Faerie button, LAST CHANGELING button, stickers, bookmarks and a signed copy of THE LAST CHANGELING: 

Or the Bright Faerie Prize pack, complete with Bright Faerie mask, Bright Faerie button, 
THE LAST CHANGELING button, stickers, bookmarks and a signed copy of 

Three Runners-Up will win buttons, stickers and bookmarks!!

Here are the masks closer up!

Dark Faerie Mask:

Bright Faerie Mask:


A Kingdom at War . . .

Elora, the young princess of the dark faeries, plans to overthrow her 
tyrannical mother, the Dark Queen, and bring equality to faeriekind. All she has to do 
is convince her mother’s loathed enemy, the Bright Queen, to join her cause. But the 
Bright Queen demands an offering first: a human boy who is a “young leader of men.”

A Dark Princess In Disguise . . .

To steal a mortal, Elora must become a mortal—at least, by all appearances. 
And infiltrating a high school is surprisingly easy. When Elora meets Taylor, the 
seventeen-year-old who's plotting to overthrow a ruthless bully, she thinks she's found 
her offering . . . until she starts to fall in love.

This contest is U.S. only, but watch my Twitter feed for international swag giveaways! 

And, of course, you can pre-order the book here:      

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