Friday, May 17, 2013

Publishers Weekly reviewed THE S-WORD!!!

Here it is! (with my thoughts in red)

"Debut author Pitcher explores the consequences of bullying and social stigmatizing with swagger in this noirish mystery. ...They just said I have swagger! When Angie's boyfriend cheats on her with her best friend Lizzie, Angie is devastated and ends their friendship—never expecting that Lizzie will be branded a slut (someone repeatedly writes the word on her car and locker) and driven to suicide. Following Lizzie's death, the graffiti reemerges; eerily, the handwriting mimics Lizzie's and reads, "suicide slut." Pages stolen from Lizzie's diary also find their way into students' lockers (and into sections of the book). Love this next line: Angie launches a covert investigation, and her interrogations of her suspects—including a femme fatale who reclines on pianos in the drama department when she's not running the newspaper, a misogynistic math geek, and a hard-drinking cheerleader—put a playful spin on the detective genre. <~~ When I read that, I was so happy. I thought: this person understands exactly what I was going for. When Angie is immersed in her role as sleuth, her cynicism and blasé attitude toward school can come across as phony, but the vulnerability shown when she falls for a cross-dressing outsider and her reflections on her friendship with Lizzie soften the hardboiled edges. Ages 14–up. Agent: Sandy Lu, L. Perkins Agency. (May)"

You heard it here first. Swagger

If you need me, I will be listening to Jay-Z and getting the dirt off my shoulder ;)


  1. Aaaaahhhhh! So many congrats, Chelsea! Looking forward to my own copy. Maybe next time I'm in Portland, I'll stalk you for an autograph.

    Nicely done ... best wishes from a former Portlander and avid book nerd. Tell Powell's I said hi and I miss it and it shouldn't be sad because I will be back one day soon.


  2. Isn't Powell's the BEST?! I will definitely sign your copy if you come into town :) Thank you so much for your kind words!!

  3. How cool is that?! And, hey, you've always been pretty swaggerific in my, uh, book. :o) PW FTW!

  4. Thank you, Evan!

    Hehehe thank you Phoenix! And likewise! :D

  5. I'm a bit late to the party (catching up with blogs) but...congrats!